Zeta Service, a society specialized in payroll outsourcing, was established for <<Providing an outsourcing payroll and staff administration service to medium and large Italian companies that takes care of all payroll aspects and guaranteeing punctuality, exactness and sensitivity>> (Silvia Bolzoni, CEO)

This philosophy is the basis of the company which today has 150 collaborators, over 300 clients, from 600 to 1000 employees and a brand rich with values: empathy, proactivity, collaboration, creativity and sustainability.

Today Zeta Service is one of the major references of the payroll market and its clientele includes important companies belonging to all sectors that today are some of the major promoters of the company's innovative payroll outsourcing models.

The values that distinguish Zeta Service:

  • Empathy: for understanding the needs and the emotional state of who is on the other side of the phone and remembering that the client is a person that, like us, is affected by their mood and has due dates and time off requests;
  • Proactivity: for anticipating client needs in order to keep them trouble free and to gain their trust; 
  • Collaboration: for obtaining results no one else could have produced alone. It entails a union of minds for innovation, project planning and realization;
  • Creativity and listening: for communicating the spirit of the company with humor and sensibility, for welcoming clients' requests as a source of inspiration for innovative ideas and service improvement;
  • Well-being and sustainability: because a healthy company is a productive one!

A tangible sign of the quality of our service is the loyalty of our Client companies that today rates at 99%.



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