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Eleva People Value

Building sustainable
value for companies and people

Climate analysis, market benchmarks, project consultancy

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What is Eleva People Value?

A measure

A climate analysis built thanks to the collaboration between the business world, consultancy and universities - specific for the Italian context.

A project

Concrete actions that have been designed starting from a clear vision of your identity and your strengths and improvement points.

A map

The coordinates to understand where your company and collaborators are located, and comparison on where the competitors are and where they are going.


The tools to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of actions over time, build scenarios, support the value of your business.

How does it work?

Our approach is consultative: Eleva People Value's goal is to build concrete improvement plans together with the company based on the results of the survey and the perception of people.



An online questionnaire that measures up to 14 different organizational dimensions, according to the model that Eleva has developed with Sapienza University of Rome.


Report and Benchmark

The Eleva platform processes the results by returning a summary and detailed reports.

The market benchmark allows companies to compare their results with those of reference in the Italian context.



We follow our customers throughout the process: from the identification of objectives and indicators to internal communication - perfect to support development plans.

The dimensions of the climate

What does it measure?


• Orientation to change and innovation
• Corporate social responsibility
• Values
• Caring


  • Goal-oriented leadership
  • relationship-oriented leadership


  • Identification
  • Recognition


  • Support and collaboration
  • Management of differences
  • Conflicting relationships
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