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The way we work


The search path, with its analysis and method categories, is co-built in a unique and creative way together with the company.


We outline the professional and personal profile of your awesome person integrating the latter within the company ecosystem from the very beginning.


We combine the value of relationships with a thorough scientific approach.

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Individua’s method

Scientific, creative, human

Our method has been designed to minimise the hiring time and to create the perfect bind between candidates and company’s desires. Each search entails the will to grow and to improve and, by means of ethical and methodological coherence, we help companies to make their potential bloom.

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  • Based on methodologies such as the Behaviour interview, the Person-Organization-Fit analysis, and the study of the most contemporary/updated dimensions of emotional intelligence.
  • Continuously improving, by means of experimentation and adaptation from experience.
  • It consists of different approaches: from gamification to the study of behaviours and motivation, with credits to Insights TTi and EQ TTI on emotional quotient.


  • Each project, and the degree of our involvement, is different because it is designed according to the client company’s identity.
  • A simple operating strategy which constantly evolves throughout the process thanks to the continuous exchange of information between the client company and us.
  • We always design new selection tests according to the company’s ecosystem and to the hiring manager’s needs.


  • We have the responsibility to create a happiness project both for the candidate as well as for the company.
  • We believe that the search experience should always be an opportunity to learn and improve for everyone.
  • We support the company and the candidates even after the assimilation of the latter, in the phase of their integration within the team and in the job-position.


Our path is guided by the responsibility towards the company and the candidate.
We are aware that the serenity of the company which is searching for a new talent and of whom is searching for a new job depends on us.

Entrust us with the search for a talent

Talent Design

Search Setting

We choose and build the search and selection strategies together

Company setting

We portray the company’s scenario, highlighting its strong points


We analyse the profiles and give you a clear output of the research

Choice and assimilation

We support you in the choice and in the integration of the person within the company.

Beyond the search and selection project

Strategic and flexible support to the HR

RPO services

(Recruitment process outsourcing)

One of our professional figures is devoted to your project and we take care of all the phases, from the analysis to the integration of the new figure within your company.

Training on selection and assessment techniques

We openly convey our know how to whom is in charge of the interviews within your company.

Individual assessment on reported candidates

Reports provided by one’s network of acquaintances are very important and we help you to evaluate them

Assessment centre figure junior/neo

We recognise the potential of junior figures or of newly hired employees in your company.

Exit Interview

We create a dialogue with people who decide to leave the company to understand the reasons why they have made this choice and transform such reasons into actions to improve the company itself.

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