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The revolution of gentle leadership

Silvia Bolzoni


I have always dreamed of creating a company, but the strength and courage to do so only came to me after having been reproached from someone. I had been given the task of selling a service on the customer base and after each meeting, I would go back to the office and ask for help finding a solution that would solve the customer's problems.

My manager's answer was always the same: your job is another, your goal is to sell, not to solve the customer's problem. But we all know that if the customer is not satisfied, he/she won't buy from you. That reproach was the motivation that led me to create Zeta Service.

Why Zeta Service

Zeta Service takes care of its collaborators, putting them in the conditions to do their job well so that they can take care of each customer in the best possible way.


Preparing a payslip is a great responsibility. How important is to insert the correct details? Who is behind it? What family, what dreams, what projects?


Not abstract entities but people: Zeta Service customers can count on great listening and understanding skills - all for personalized advice.


Working people is not enough. You must also remember to be part of this world and commit yourself to improve it, by giving help to those in need with Social Responsibility projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Happiness is a responsibility

What do we do
Customer opinions

A company. A group of people

It is a well-established partnership that is based on rare values, such as availability and the will to find the best possible solution even in difficult situations that require personalization and sensitivity. All managed with emotional and social intelligence.

Giuffrè Editore

A valuable, friendly and complete assistance team. We are grateful for your impeccable professionalism.

AIRC Associazione Italiana sulla Ricerca sul Cancro

The partnership between Amex and Zeta Service is now a multi-year one and has evolved over time, with a view to constant improvement. The professionalism and technical competence, together with the friendliness and helpfulness of all the people with whom we interact on a daily basis are certainly indispensable support for a dynamic and constantly evolving company like American Express.


Longtime and reliable partner. The strength of Zeta Service is to question itself by always aiming for the best.

AXA Assicurazioni

Since we have been working with Zeta Service, we have the feeling that we share the same goals. I met a team of extraordinary people for their competence, availability and passion for their work - all this combined with a nice kick of sympathy that makes everything more pleasant!


The relationship between Bose and Zeta Service is very good, we feel supported especially in the payroll service.


We have been Zeta Service customers for about 15 years and I must say that on the payroll side I could only see the growth of professional service they offer and as well I can say that I have reached the highest level thanks to their collaborator Mariangela Filippini & C. Reliability. Accuracy and availability are on the agenda. Thank you!


We are satisfied with the services we have delegated to Zeta Service and also with the relationship with our contacts. They are always available and efficient.


Transparent relationship: based on mutual trust, communication, great collaboration and availability of the payroll contact point.


A full cooperation relationship.

Intecs SpA

The reliability of the people dedicated to the service.

Interporto Rivalta Scrivia SpA

The added value of Zeta Service is about its people. They are flexible and changes are managed with calm and respect. We didn't have to deal just with codes and numbers, but with people.

John Crane Italia SpA

A partner who supports us at 360°, always reactive and proactive. A team that always smiles!

Discovery Italia

With Zeta Service, we are confident that we can rely on speed, reliability, continuous updates and a single point of contact for every HR need on a daily basis.

Essentra Packaging

A partnership always characterized by the commitment, seriousness and dedication of our representatives - even in the most difficult moments.


Historical and reliable partner. Zeta Service's strengh is always questioning ourselves aiming to the best.


Ever since we work with Zeta Service we have the feeling of sharing the same goals. I met a team of extraordinary people with competences, availability and passion for their work; all this is combined with a nice charge of sympathy that makes everything more enjoyable!


Happy Customers

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